Fish Report for 6-5-2013

American Angler lands 14 Bluefin with 11 over 100 lbs.

Bill Roecker

"As fishermen, when fishing is wide open and almost easy," said the report from American Angler June 4, "we don't learn as much as we do when fishing is tough.
The scenario on the tuna grounds is that there are quite a few spots of fish around, but not much volume to any of the spots. Hopefully, they will gather up and bite someday - but today we had to work for every fish. 
There was pretty good sign of scattered 18 to 25-pound yellowfin mixed with the bigger bluefin, but they were reluctant to bite as well. We only ended up with 20 of those school-sized fish but there seemed to be plenty of potential for future trips. 
We stopped probably 15 times on the bigger grade bluefin today and only had one sustained drift and the other stops it was a struggle to just hook one fish. 
All said and done, we ended up with 14 bluefin with 11 of those over 100 pounds, with four of those in the 130-pound-plus range. We had a couple of impressive shows and hopefully we will have the opportunity to get a few more on the backside of the trip when the weather gets nicer."

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