Fish Report for 3-28-2013

Red Rooster III 15 Day Trip comes home with 16 Tuna over 200 lbs.

Bill Roecker

A 15-day trip brought home 16 tuna over 200 pounds, 74 smaller tuna and 170 wahoo for anglers aboard the Loftus-Martin charter. Pete Fallini of Santa Paula had the best one at 261.4 pounds. Butch Oldencamp of Bakersfield won second place for a 244-pounder, and Phil Gary of Bakersfield took third for a 243.6-pound yellowfin tuna.

Others who scored cows:
Ralph Hughes 206.4
John Loftus 207.0
Steve Noesser 212.0
Jerry Lightcap 215.0
Phil Lisi 218.4
Phil Gary 219.4
Steve Noesser 220.0
Dan Pope 223.4
Phil Gary 224.0
Bruce Warmth 227.0
Larry Martin 234.2
Dan Pope 238.0
Pete Fallini 248.0

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