Fish Report for 7-14-2007

Garage Sale Winner

Bill Roecker

Mike Keating brought his Spirit of Adventure home to H&M Landing after a three-day trip with 22 anglers. The Big Ten Charter was chartermastered by Phil Kassel.

Billy Dole of Santa Barbara won first place for a dandy 46.8-pound bluefin tuna that came on some very unusual gear. The bait was a commonplace sardine, on a ringed 2/0 Gorilla hook, with 30-pound line of unknown make.

Billy's reel was a classic Penn 285 on an equally ancient Berkeley Buccaneer B108 rod, and outfit he said he picked up at a garage sale. He fought the fish for an hour.

"We could only put about five pounds of drag on it," volunteered skipper Keating.

"He bit on the surface," said Billy. "He almost spooled me. It's my best bluefin, and my best fish fight ever."

Jim Doyle was second, for a 31-pound albacore. He left early aznd wasn't available for a lineup shot. Brian Cooper, a transplanted Scotsman now from San Bernadino, won third place for a 29-pound albacore.

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