Fish Report for 1-31-2013

American Angles decks 4 more Cows, the disappointment -- too many got away

Bill Roecker

"Fishing for big tuna can be a win some, lose some situation," said American Angler skipper Brian Kiyohara to the boat's office January 29. "The Hook-to-Land Ratio has been pretty good during our first few long trips and up until today. We had some connection failures, we straightened out a hook, had a couple of hook pulls and lost a few more due to uncommon circumstances. We lost some big, heavy fish. We had a unique time frame today that all long rangers dream of, where the chance to hook a 200-pound fish was very real. We hooked several fish during this period and luckily, not all of them got away. We caught four more fish over 200 pounds, including Glenn Bummer's 291, new member to the 200-pound club Terry Curley with a 214-pounder, and good buddies Gordo & Planet landing twin 204-pounders. We had fish all around us and ended up making a pretty good day out of it."

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