Fish Report for 1-17-2013

Red Rooster III Trip yields 100 nice fish despite the weather

Bill Roecker

"We are on our way home," wrote Andy Cates aboard Red Rooster III January 15, "and still pounding through what seems like endless windy weather. Our move to the Bank certainly saved things with 2.5 days of scratch fishing on really nice fish: 120 to 190-pounders. The bite lasted all day and we had chances at fish over 200 pounds each day. The weather and conditions made for some of the most frustrating and tough fishing you could have. Current slowly going straight up into 20 to 35 knots of wind each day, the boat endlessly rolling, making the end game battle at gaff even more challenging. For some it was great, for others it seemed impossible. We did manage 100 nice fish out there to end the trip after 2.5 days. Tommy will post a few pictures of memorable fish but even getting a picture seemed difficult. The ride up has been more of the same with 20 to 30 knots and some surprise rolls and pitches.

"All in all very challenging. The guys were up for it and put in a lot of effort for what was caught Needless to say we can't wait to get some better weather up the line."

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