Fish Report for 10-29-2012

American Angler returns from a 10 Day trip with 10 Cows

Bill Roecker

Ray Lopez docked American Angler at Pt. Loma Sportfishing October 29 after the best trip of his young career, a ten-day affair with 21 anglers aboard. The boat arrived at the same time as the Royal Polaris, so all the cow information couldn't be collected, but there were ten tuna over 200 pounds in the catch. "We found the fish," said Ray, meaning he was on them first.

The boat's anglers, pictured above posed for a group shot with most of the biggest fish. The three jackpot winners, Photo #1 stayed for another shot. Miguel Padilla of LA won first place for a 276.5-pound yellowfin tuna. He told Roecker it bit a sardine on a 6/0 ringed Owner Super Mutu hook and one of the boat's rigs: 130-pound Izorline and 130-pound Izorline spectra wrapped on a an Avet 50 N reel and a Calstar 770 XXH rod. Fermin Diaz of Pomona spent an hour and a half making friends with a 245-pound tuna. He said it took a sardine on an 8/0 ringed Eagle Claw hook tied to 100-pound Big Game line and 130-pound Line One spectra, mixed with 130-poundn Tuff Line spectra. He used a Tiagra 30 reel and a Calstar 760 H rod. Bobby Cass of Ojai won third place for a 241-pounder that took a sardine on a 6/0 ringed Super Mutu hook. He fished with 100-pound Blackwater fluorocarbon, 100-Izorline spectra, a Penn 30 VSW reel and a Calstar 770 XXH rod. "I just want to say thanks to Jordan," remarked Cass. "He helped me a lot." Grant Larson of Woodland Hills got a 270-pounder on the kite with a boat rig.

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