Fish Report for 10-25-2012

Americqan Angler fishermen land 10 tuna with 6 of them over 200 lbs.

Bill Roecker

"Capt. Ray called tonight," said the October 24 report for American Angler, from the office, "and was not able to send through the fish report and pictures, but gave an account of their day. He said they saw good sign again and you had to be patient, but when you got a bite, it was worth it. Sounds like there were heartbreaks and triumphs:10 tuna boated and 6 of those were over 200pounds: Bobby Cass 241, Grant Larson 270, Osamo Tsukamoto 211, Tony Duprey 227, Mike Averett 233, Miguel Padilla 276 and almost there was Brad Lemoine with 190. They also caught 45 nice dorado. Almost everyone got to experience the feel of pulling on a cow so that was exciting in itself.
For everyone preparing for their upcoming trips it is key to have the right gear and to be persistent.

"We'll have pics when the trip returns and on a personal note from the Kiyoharas and Patellas - we are so proud of Ray & crew!"

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