Fish Report for 10-24-2012

American Angler has a great day landing Yellowfin over 100 lbs. including 4 Cows

Bill Roecker

"Arriving to the new area just as the sun was peeking through the clouds," recalled the report from American Angler October 22, "today was a new day. We were not going to let yesterday get under our skin, and so we stepped up our game & our gear even though we had tough conditions wind-wise, and managed to get to work early. We were caught by surprise as good sign of 30 to 100-pound yellowfin appeared for the first half of the day, and as the day progressed...the fish got bigger & bigger, and by the last couple hours of the day, we were hooking straight Cows. In the end, after the smoke cleared and after many epic battles were fought, we put together a day of a lifetime; we boated 23 tuna, a dozen of which are from 100 to 244 pounds.

The Cows are as follows: Dale Monday 212, Jim Zeder 225, Monteile Tremaine 220, and Fermin Diaz 244. With morale through the roof, we are spending the night and hoping to find more redemption on these fish of a lifetime tomorrow.

"Note: For those of you guys gearing up for future trips, 100 to 130-pound fluorocarbon is highly recommended."

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