Fish Report for 10-23-2012

Searcher lands 48 Yellows & 15 Dorado

Bill Roecker

"We started our day fishing for yellowtail," read the report from Searcher October 21. "We didn't have as much success as we had hoped based on reports from yesterday. The old 'Shoulda been here yesterday' cliche got us. We did manage to land 48 yellows and 15 more dorado, all mixed sizes. The weather is great with light wind and clear skies. We are travelling further south this afternoon with hopes of catching a wahoo or two. Just as I was typing this report, we had a hook-up on the troll and Eric Rogger, with an assist from Capt. Cole Crafton, landed a nice big wahoo. It appears to be about a 50 pounder, maybe bigger. Eric is an accomplished saltwater angler with the LA Rod and Reel Club and has landed several yellowfin tuna over 200 pounds during his lifetime. God job, Eric and Cole."

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