Fish Report for 10-8-2012

On the Red Rooster III 8 Day Seaguar/Yo-Zuri trip at the 1st stop catch a Wahoo, 30 miles out of SD

Bill Roecker

Red Rooster III had a nice surprise as the boat headed south October 6. Skipper Andy Cates made note of it in his daily report. "We started an 8-day trip with Richard Hightower sponsoring with Seaguar and Yo-Zuri. We left yesterday with a decent load of bait and woke up this morning with windy weather.

"We put the Jigs out this afternoon and first fish was a nice 60-pound wahoo 30 miles from Point Loma. Followed by scattered strikes on small tuna and a couple of 30-pound tuna. If not for the wind and sea it would have been a nice chance to look around in that area. We are headed down and trying for yellows tomorrow and hope the weather gets better soon."

To the best of my knowledge, this big skinny at such a close distance is the nearest wahoo caught by the long range fleet, at least in the last couple of decades.

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