Fish Report for 9-17-2012

Searcher lands 20 mixed Bluefin & Yellowfin on their afternoon stop

Bill Roecker

"We started our trip with calm weather just 90 miles from San Diego with good reports from yesterday of biting 30 to 50-pound bluefin tuna. It was impossible to pass up with the conditions being what they are. Unfortunately we didn't connect as well as we had hoped. We saw a good school of that grade fish this afternoon and we got a sample. We landed 20 mixed bluefin and yellowfin tuna up to 50 pounds and a few smaller tuna mixed in. We ended up with 35 mixed tuna for the day. We are headed further south tonight to be in position for the rest of the trip. Darrell Chapman from Huntington Beach shows off his 50-pound yellowfin tuna."

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