Fish Report for 9-12-2012

Nice Yellowfin tuna catch on the American Angler

Bill Roecker

"When we left the dock yesterday," said the report from American Angler September 10, "the guys on the grounds were talking about choppy weather, but the forecast talked about the winds backing off. When we got up in the morning, the weatherman was absolutely correct and it was beautiful with next-to-no wind. We had scattered strikes in the morning before we got on a kelp that had a beautiful grade of Dorado. Brad helps Steve Powell show off one of the many that we put aboard and also mixed in was a fair amount of yellowfin tuna which definitely added a little spice. 
In the afternoon we got lucky and found a spot of 25 to 45-pound tuna fish and enjoyed a pretty good bite until dark on those trophy-sized offshore gems.
 Taro and Michelle Zenger show off one of the first of these better grade fish that hit the deck."

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