Fish Report for 7-25-2012

The Searcher has a "killer" day, 53 Bluefin, 14 Yellowfin, 43 Dorado & 6 Yellowtail

Bill Roecker

"We started our morning off with a 46 fish bite that started in the dark" recollected Searcher skipper Aaron Remy July 24. "Most of our passengers were still asleep but eventually all made it to the rail and were catching bluefin.

"The rest of our day was spent scratching. We had a stop late in the day on bluefin tuna and the killer whales came in and shut the bite off. The highlight of the killer whales was when Jonathan gaffed a bluefin tuna in the corner of the stern and had it boiled on by a killer whale just as he lifted it out of the water and onto the boat. The angler was quite pleased to have his bluefin but was amazed at what he had witnessed.

"We finished the day with 53 bluefin tuna, 14 yellowfin tuna, 43 dorado and 6 yellowtail. We plan on fishing until noon tomorrow"

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