Fish Report for 11-5-2011

Spirit of Adventure Brings Home Cows

Bill Roecker

Mike Keating brought his Spirit of Adventure home from an open-party 11-day trip November 5. His 19 anglers had a good catch of mixed fish: tuna, yellowtail, wahoo. dorado and pargo, among other species.

The big fish weighed 213 pounds, the best one Jim Cornelius of San Diego ever caught. He said it came to the boat in only 15 minutes, tail-wrapped. When the first gaff went in, Jim said the fish lit up and went berserk. It tried to leave, dragging deckhand and gaff across the stern. At length it was subdued and decked. Cornelius fished a sardine on a 6/0 ringed Owner Super Mutu hook, tied to 100-pound P-Line and 130-pound Line One spectra on an Avet 30 W reel and a Sabre five and a half-foot rod.

Bob Woodard of San Diego got second place for his 189-pounder. Bob baited a sardine on a 3/0 ringed Owner Gorilla hook on 80-pound fluorocarbon. He said he used 80-pound P-Line and 100-pound spectra with a Tyrnos reel and a Penn 80-pound International class rod.

Bob Lane of San Diego also got his best tuna, a 169-pounder. He won third place and remarked that the fish came on a sardine and 100-pound line. The trip's best wahoo was a 62-pounder caught by Bob Friedman of San Bernadino on a sardine and 40-pound line.

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