Fish Report for 10-6-2011

Searcher Report 10-6-11

Bill Roecker

"Well today was a little different with quite a bit of wind and swell making things a little difficult at the rail. We had plenty of opportunity to catch a yellowtail or a dorado. We didn't have the numbers like yesterday, but I think that everyone has all the fish they need so the effort wasn't as strong as yesterday as well. We did manage to land two wahoo. Jennifer Funk from Redondo Beach landed a wahoo on a yo-yo iron and no wire, which is very lucky. The fish wasn't hooked. It just had a grip on her iron and so when the fish was gaffed the iron just fell out of its mouth. Brett Jenson from Temecula also landed a wahoo, a troll fish. We had plenty of opportunity to catch a dorado as well. We left the 23 Fathom Bank with hopes of catching some tuna at the 13 Fathom Bank. We had plenty of jig strikes as we headed north, with a few bait fish. Most of the smaller ones were released. We are headed up to the lee of Cedros Island tonight to try for some of those bigger yellowtail."

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