Fish Report for 9-20-2011

Searcher Report 9-19-11

Bill Roecker

"Cedros island was good to us today with excellent yellowtail fishing. Most of the good fishing was after lunch with a little action in the morning. The primary method was yo-yo iron, the standard color of blue and white, and the full size 6X was the most popular lure. There was a group of guys that hung out on the bow with surface irons and long rods and they had a good time as well. A few fish were caught on live bait for the guys that didn't have any crank left in their arms from earlier in the day so it was good for everyone. The weather was great with sunny skies and calm seas. We are making the long run out to Guadalupe Island for tomorrow. We won't get there until noon but we will look for tuna and dorado on kelp paddies east of the island in the morning."

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