Fish Report for 9-13-2011

Qualifier 105 Fish Report Report 9-13-11

Bill Roecker

(Day 3, Mochizuki Charter)
 "When we woke up this morning, we knew it was going to be a scorcher today. It was rather warm before the sun even came up. Once the sun came up it got hot, and so did our water that reached the 78-degree plus mark at times. Sometime around mid-morning our action began to heat up as well. To start things off we found a nice school of porpoise that had an eager school of yellowfin that wanted to show themselves and play for a bit. At times, everybody had one on. In addition, from there things got better. We found a nice piece of floating kelp that had premium size Dorado all over it. Kenny got one that just might reach the fifty-pound mark. Our day continued with steady action on tuna and kelps with Dorado."

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