Fish Report for 9-13-2011

Big Yellows For the Spirit of Adventure Trip

Bill Roecker

Mike Keating docked his Spirit of Adventure at H&M Landing September 13 after a six-day trip that visited Guadalupe Island and the Cedros-Benitos area as well as the offshore fishing grounds. Avet rep Ben Frazier of Oxnard chartermastered, and found time to reel in the third-place fish as well.

Jack Bair of Huntington Beach won first place for a stout 48.3-pound yellowtail. He picked that one off with a sardine on a 3/0 ringed Gamakatsu hook on 40-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon. He used 50-pound Izorline spectra on an Avet JX reel and a GRUSA eight and a half-foot rod wrapped by Nanette Smith.

William Trujillo of Hesperia won second place for a 45-pound mossback yellow. Chartermaster Ben Frazier rounded off the winners with his 42.7-pound 'tail, and the three winners posed for a jackpot photo.

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