Fish Report for 8-21-2011

Five for 21

Bill Roecker

Art Taylor brought his Searcher home to Fisherman's Landing August 21 after a fine five-day trip with 21 anglers.

"We had an excellent day at the South End of Cedros Island," Art told dock reporter Bill Roecker, "on 15 to 20-pound yellowtail. Most came on bait, but they bit on the yoyo and the surface iron, too. Then we fished offshore for three days and had very good tuna fishing. About 75 percent of them were yellowfin and the rest bluefin. The yellowfin averaged about 18 pounds.

"We got 'em on sonar marks, meter marks, blind jig strikes and jig strikes when we were heading toward a spotted school. Our best trolling jigs were blue and white Zucker's with some pink color, and the Braid Speedster. We ended up with near-limits by fishing on a 30-mile spread of tuna. We saw no seiners."

Harold Guy of Winnnetka won first place for a 22.8-pound yellowfin tuna. He said he got it with a sardine on a 2/0 Owner Flyliner hook tied to 25-pound fluorocarbon, 30-pound Izorline and 60-pound Line One spectra on an Avet JX reel and a seven-foot Sabre rod.

Jeff Nagel of Laguna Niguel won second and third spots for his yellowfin of 22.6 and 22.2 pounds.

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