Fish Report for 8-7-2011

Vag Gets Rareacore

Bill Roecker

Mike Lackey's Vagabond returned from a three-day trip August 7 when Lackey tied up at Pt. Loma Sportfishing to unload his 22 anglers and a catch of mixed yellowtail, tuna, dorado and two albacore.

"I think that brings our season total to ten," remarked Mike, addressing the rarity of longfin in this season's catch. One of the longfin, a 28-pounder, was caught by an angler making his rookie trip. Brian Turk of San Diego on a loaner outfit from the boat. He posed with his fish, remarking he'd had a lot of fun on the boat. Turk's albacore took a sardine, he said, on a 2/0 Mustad 91450 hook tied to 30-pound Izorline. He used a Penn 500 reel and a Seeker 670 rod to bag his rare (this season, anyway) prize in 15 minutes.

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