Fish Report for 8-5-2011

Searcher Report

Bill Roecker

"Today was a fun day aboard the Searcher," wrote Searcher skipper Aaron Remy August 4. "We were fishing kelps and they were hit and miss. Some had a good amount of fish on them and we were able to put together a decent day. The weather was a bit on the windy side with 15 knots of wind which made it difficult to see kelps but the crew and I managed to find kelp most of the day. We're headed home with some happy people and some fish to show for it. We caught mostly yellowtail and dorado. The yellowtail were up to 25 pounds and 95% of them were the nice grade from 15 to 25 pounds. All of the dorado were also nice size. The one bluefin we caught was around 15 pounds. The weather is supposed to be coming down and judging from the ride up, the weather has improved. Good angling and hope to see ya on the water."