Fish Report for 8-3-2011

No Tax Man

Bill Roecker

Chartermasters Wendy Tochihara of Izorline and Matt Towner of Bass Pro Shops fished aboard Searcher with owner-skipper Art Taylor and arrived at the Fisherman's Landing dock August 3. There were 18 anglers aboard and they got a mixed catch of tuna and yellowtail up to 80 pounds. "There was no tax man at the island this time," said Towner. "We didn't see any sharks."

Lloyd Doyle of Long beach won first and second places for yellowfin tuna of 79.8 and 78 pounds, and was assisted in displaying them by skipper Taylor. "Pink was the word," said Doyle. "I got five nice big tuna with 50-pound pink Yo-Zuri fluorocarbon leader. The big one took about 20 minutes to land." He told dock reporter Bill Roecker he fished with 4/0 Owner Mutu ringed hooks, 50-pound Izorline and 80-pound Line One spectra on an Okuma Makiri 15 reel.

Howard Pukini of La Mirada won third place for a 77.4-pound Guadalupe Island yellowfin tuna.