Fish Report for 5-24-2011

Passport Costs

Bill Roecker

This is the latest from Celia Condit of the Searcher (posted May 21), and should answer some of the questions that have surfaced recently, after the announcement that Guadalupe Island will open this year to anglers with passports:

"If you are faced with applying for a passport, you might consider the passport card. It's less expensive and sufficient for our Guadalupe Island trips. It is not accepted for air travel, however.

"Thanks to a sharp-minded customer (Michael Townes) for that one!"

The new passport rulings have caused at least one owner-operator to revamp his boat's fishing schedule for the summer. Mike Keating of the Spirit of Adventure said he couldn't make four-day trips to the island with a half-day stop included, so he would adjust his planned trips.

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