Fish Report for 1-19-2011

Mag Bay Fly Down/Fly Back

Paul Sweeney

Vagabond owner skipper Mike Lackey returned January 19 after a Magdalena Bay fly down/fly back trip. It was an open charter with 11 anglers. "This was our first fly down/fly back trip," Lackey said at Point Loma Sportfishing. "It was really cool, a fun trip. We'll be doing it again next year." "There was cold water at the lower banks, so we ran to Puerto Vallarta and spent two and half days there. We had a 140-pound average and our big one went 185 pounds. Incredible bird life--mind blowing! They'd fire up around noon. It would show up on the radar, and it looked like boats were moving in, it was so thick. "We tried Cleofas Bank, where we saw 50 to 80-pound fish, and we stopped on the Morgan Bank and got some nice yellows and a couple grouper."

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