Fish Report for 1-2-2011

Long Range Makes Record Book

Bill Roecker

All of us who fish long range will appreciate the new 2011 IGFA World Record Game Fishes annual, and not just because it feature all those marks for yellowtail, tuna, wahoo and the rest. This iteration features long range fishing, something we haven't seen before. The cover is nice, white with several dozen small color pictures of some of the game fish within. But when you turn to page 50, San Diego and long range fishing take over, all the way to page 61! The story was authored by Gary Graham. Most of the photos and some of the information are from Bill Roecker's and Oceanic Productions. Layout, knot pictures and some of the art is by the IGFA's production manager, Adrian Gray, a young man with a ton of artistic and photographic talent and a true love of fishing. All the long range boats are represented with information from Roecker's new book At The Rail: Long Range Fishing. Roecker and Paul Sweeney helped out with slang terminology and some tackle shots. Heck, even the new building at Fisherman's Landing is represented, along with some shots of the boats at work, fishing. The new records show things have changed on the yellowtail scene. Kevin Pfeif's 92-pounder is now the second-largest mossback on record. Top spot now belongs to Masakazu Taniwaki of Japan, for a 109-pounder taken on line that qualified for the 80-pound class. The giant 'tail displaced Tom Lambert's 91-pounder, and marked the first yellowtail over 100 pounds for the northern hemisphere. There's no word yet on the acceptance of the 405.2-pound yellowfin that arrived on the Vagabond December 6 after being caught by Mike Livingston of Sunland on 100-pound gear. We'll keep you posted on that one, hoping that the bull tuna survives scrutiny. Meanwhile, you may want to buy a subscription, and get this fine book. For only $40, you'll get a copy of the 2011 World Record Game Fishes book, and also a one-year membership in the organization and six bi-monthly issues of the International Angler newsletter. You can reach the IGFA by calling (954) 927-2628, or by writing them at 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, FL 33004, or you can email at

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