Fish Report for 12-8-2021

Land of giants

Tim Ekstrom

Today's image tells the tale far better than any description I can draft. What a beautiful fish; and catch of a lifetime. Long time Royal Star veteran and friend Dr. Andy Cooperman triumphed over this behemoth yellowfin using the right gear for the occasion. The second big fish of the day, that tipped the scales at a robust 256, looked like a shrimp in comparison. A couple other shots ended in defeat but no one was/is deflated. This setting, while far from gang busters, is a trophy hunting anglers paradise. Great weather, good fishing conditions, and a real deal shot at "The One" has all focused and working hard. Needless to say we are settled in to the routine. At a real, no question, 390 pounds, Andy's giant yellowfin is the largest landed to date on Royal Star. As mentioned today's image says it all. Congratulations Andy. Wow.

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