Fish Report for 9-7-2008

Huge Yellowtail Concerns Lady Angler


Brian Evans skippered Mike Keating's Spirit of Adventure on a five-day trip that brought back one of the best catches of tuna and yellowtail from Guadalupe Island this season. There were 26 anglers aboard when the boat docked at H&M Landing September 7.

One of them was Kansan Linda Robertson, from Montezuma. A sardine bait on a 3/0 Gorilla hook tied to 40-pound Cabella's fluorocarbon and mono, with 50-pound Cabella's Spectra backing on an Avet MX reel and a six and a half-foot Kenmore rod was just the ticket for Linda to haul in a 70.7-pound yellowtail, the best of the 2007-2008 season to date.

"I did get concerned," she said, "when he took me around the whole boat, then got hung on the anchor line. Before that, he took almost all my line."

Jack Bair of Huntington Beach won the jackpot for his 131-pound yellowfin tuna. He got it with a sardine on a 2/0 ringed Mustad Demon hook, 40-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader and 40-pound Big Game line. He said he used an Avet LX reel and a GRUSA eight and a half-foot rod, which put him into a 45-minute slug-it-out.

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