Fish Report for 2-24-2019


Tim Ekstrom

Of note today is the abundance of Bluefin Tuna up the line consistent with what we saw heading south and the guys ahead of us are seeing today. This is really something, again. Why I mention this today is relative to the schedule changes we made in May/June 2019. This season we added a handful of weekend three and one and a half day voyages at that time of year to target this bluefin offshore in local and semi-distant waters. 

Based on what we have observed during the past three years, and what appears extremely likely to unfold based on what we are seeing now, my best guess is that we will be successfully targeting bluefin on all of these shorter, mini-long range, trips in May and June this season. Food for thought heading into next week and the annual Fred Hall Long Beach show.

I will attend the main event this season. I am really looking forward to seeing so many of my friends and Royal Star anglers in the grand halls this year! Needless to say we’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk history and fishing throughout the week. And, in addition to the trips I just mentioned, we have plenty of others available this summer for anglers seeking the Royal Star difference! 

Last on the admin list is our arrival time tomorrow, Tuesday the 26th, at Fisherman’s Landing. As of now it appears that we are close to being on schedule with a projected 09:00 arrival time at Fisherman’s Landing. For those anglers that plan on meeting the boat please account for heavy morning freeway traffic heading into San Diego from every direction. My best advice is to leave early. If you arrive with extra time head over to Mitch’s or “The Ketch” to grab breakfast while you wait. 

I will update the ETA again tomorrow morning. Tracy will also leave an updated ETA on the office answering machine this evening. Enjoy today’s photo courtesy of David Itano and ISSF.


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