Fish Report for 11-7-2018

Premium quality

Tim Ekstrom

As seems to be the trend this run we had to work our tails off to make a day of it. Not that we were expecting less, or ever do, but these anglers have certainly put their time in at the rail and in my estimation have earned the chance to do some damage. Maybe tomorrow. What the fishing didn’t offer in bang ‘em up action was made up for in quality. And that is exactly what we came for.

Knowing full well that hot and heavy, action style fishing for school size yellowfin was available down below we opted out in favor of this larger grade at the island. Some real beauties came over the rail today, especially in the afternoon, making the return trip north, and time practicing the art of fishing, well worth it.

Time now for the final push. Everything within our control is in order and the weather is still primo. One and all are fired up and ready to make it happen. Speaking of making it happen Royal Star angler Joe Siegal is the ultimate example. At a lot of years young Joe adheres to the number one formula for success out here - having a line in the water. It’s amazing what that simple technique consistently produces. Here is Joe with Captain Blake Wasano after hoisting this 125# class Guadalupe over the rail.

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