Fish Report for 11-6-2018


Tim Ekstrom

Our first real travel day this voyage was passed in comfort admittedly uncharacteristic for this stretch of ocean. In this region a 270 mile northwest travel leg almost 200 miles offshore would typically be accompanied by at least some notable swell and sea, especially at this time of the year. Not today; it was a gentle, easy ride. Not once did the boat even take an ounce of spray over the bow rail. We’ll take it.

Putting the calm seas to good use the boys attended to a few maintenance items and assisted with fishing preparations for tomorrow and beyond. Back into our favorite mode the next two days will define success or other than in the tuna category. It’s an all in play in pursuit of pure quality. Nothing like a little pressure in the fourth quarter to bring out the best in us. It’s what we do. Time to double down.


Photo today is another from the three day wahoo hoedown below. Royal Star angler Joe Dobson does the honors with this beauty sliding over the rail.

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