Fish Report for 9-7-2018

Scenic change

Tim Ekstrom

After a fine morning pick on quality yellowfin, during which the local denizens for whatever reason decided that their appetites were satisfied without plundering our bounty, we cruised the scenic shallows of this spectacular island poking and prodding in a nigh fruitless search for quality yellowtail. Not a surprise in any way the effort at variety was well worth it from a scenic perspective alone. Though the chance to remain in one spot catching fish for four days straight does not come often enough changing scenery is an aspect of long range fishing that adds an interesting/enlightening element to any voyage. With that objective in mind the afternoon passed in high spirit as we toured and took in the sights relatively carefree. A few more quality yellowtail would’ve been nice but they certainly weren’t necessary to label the exercise a success. We have enough fish.

So passes our time at the island that rates well above average by any standard. Excellent production on quality yellowfin in four days of flat calm conditions is impossible to categorize otherwise. However all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow reality returns as we ply the high seas in search of offshore dorado and anything else worthy of our RSW holds. It appears that the weather is going to come up a little reacquainting us with the fact that we are on a fishing boat out on the ocean.

It won’t last long though. Heading in to the beautiful port city of Ensenada late in the day will offer a reprieve and sound the final note on an incredibly successful run to the fabled Guadalupe Island. Photo today features angler Robert Alpert whom we are enjoying the pleasure of fishing with for the first time. Adapting to this style of angling in short order Robert has been enjoying a great fishing trip packed with moments like the one captured here. Success!

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