Fish Report for 9-5-2018

Still Hungry

Tim Ekstrom

An inevitable change in conditions today cut production in half. Still a nice day of fishing it just took more time at the rail and finessing the baits to coax bites from the reluctant fish. The lack of concentrated action also lined up a blue plate special for the local gluttons; nothing they enjoy more than the chance to pick ‘em off one at a time. Bastards.

In reality though we are cycling through far more from hook pulls and break offs due to the requirement of pulling like a demon to get them through the gauntlet. The way we figure it is much better to lose one to the gear failing than to provide the “surf” side of a “Surf and Turf” entree for these characters. And the lighter gear necessary to effectively fish the smaller sardines is right on the edge when it comes to the force necessary to win the contest. It’s quite a challenge; adds a whole new element to this style of fishing. Pretty cool really - “never a dull moment”.

We cruise into our final day content with the results thus far ready for just a few more. A day of variety fishing may soon be the call if the tuna cooperate at all. Though far from our official limits we are reaching the reasonable threshold calling for a change of pace and species targeted. This is the exact position we aim to be in every voyage. But it doesn’t happen too often.

Photo today features long time Royal Star veteran and friend Jose Arellano in a bright moment captured when this beauty came over the rail.

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