Fish Report for 9-4-2018


Tim Ekstrom

An extension of yesterday with the exception of a higher percentage of larger fish. Whether a new batch is infiltrating the shallows or better luck graced the effort the day ended large in the success column for one and all. Though still battling the usual suspects, that perform regular drive by’s with untouchable impunity, the use of bigger tackle today swung the odd’s in our favor by a wide margin. And the sacrificial lambs, inevitable in this arena, were immediately recycled for strong results. Nothing goes to waste in the ocean; one of my favorite features of pure nature.

Another day awaits these most fortunate anglers all of whom are adequately rested and ready. Photo today features my good friend Kurt Schaefer enjoying a vacation from tuna tagging and science at the Inter-American Tropical Commission. Technically he is still tagging them here; releasing them is another story. It’s harvest time.




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