Fish Report for 8-19-2018

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Sorry for the late report but we had some computer issues. We departed on our Fujimoto 7-day Memorial trip yesterday with a fair load of bait. Our day started off with everyone getting ready for battle by a way of tackle prep!. We stopped a couple times for bait with fair success. Now we are headed south to our destination. Until tomorrow.

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Hello everyone; Our morning started out looking for Yellowtail. It was Yellowtail or Bust. Let me say it was a bust on the Yellowtail. We caught and released about 80 Yellowtail, all to small to put a tag on them. We did tag a few, but not what we were looking for. Today was not all a bust, we had excellent Calico Bass fishing, and some nice Bonita. Most of the Bass were in the...... Read More