Fish Report for 8-9-2018


Tim Ekstrom

Sometimes a change of pace, regardless of production, is simply the right call. This was one of those times. And thankfully we did some catching too; a lot truth be told. Between ancient half day style action on everything from jumbo whitefish to 10 - 12 pound bonito, and more than a few fine shots at 12 - 20 pound coastal yellowtail, it was an action packed affair; exactly what the doctor ordered.

In grease calm, balmy conditions courtesy of dwindling, now tropical storm John, beautiful scenery combined with tons of yankin’ and crankin’ set things right. Plenty of highly motivational surface action had all of us fired up hooting and hollering while slinging plugs and hooking frenzying yellowtail. Crystal clear blue water combined with the sheet glass surface provided a stunning window into the deeps. All around the boat shrieks of delight were the norm as jigs were followed by hoards of yellows and visual bites were common.

It was a good day of angling and action. Not one for the history books, not by a long shot, but every day doesn’t need to be. On the fun scale this one rated very high. That’s what matters. Photo today features Kurata brother Dale who had his day working the surface plug on the bow. Tailor made for exactly that the whole Kurata crew was locked in up there making it happen.

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