Fish Report for 7-9-2018

Big Blues

Tim Ekstrom

Time at the rail - plenty of it, produced a handful plus of opportunities at trophy bluefin. In this arena of course those opportunities don’t always result in success for a myriad of reasons. But we had the chance; and saw jumbo bluefin flying from the water throughout the morning and mid afternoon all around the boat. Those sights alone were enough to keep anglers engaged and motivated.

Throw in absolutely flat calm, heavenly weather and the picture was that much more compelling. While this action doesn’t exactly spread well among everyone the spectacle of even a couple of these beautiful tuna coming over the rail does wonders for the fisherman’s soul. It is what this is all about, big time.

Our entire day was passed with lines in the water patiently waiting for our time to come. While we will be targeting the jumbos again tomorrow we have plans to mix it up a bit spending at least some time in search mode for action style fishing/catching.

Photo today features Josh Wright and his first tuna, a jumbo bluefin, that weighed in at a handy 187 pounds. Not bad for a young man new to this style tuna fishing. Picked off on a market squid fished behind a four ounce slider mid day this highly spirited demon gave not only Josh but our entire crew a serious run for our money. Sweet victory was hard earned; just the way we like it!

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