Fish Report for 6-29-2018

Photo Credit: Bill Cavanaugh

Final Stages

Steve Hoffman

Hi Gang,

Its been a long couple months of getting to the final stages of our retrofit. We fueled the boat with 7500 gallons of diesel fuel while still on blocks in the yard so that we had operating weight on the boat to ensure the final alignment on our main engines when we went back in the water, We went in the water on Tuesday of this week and everything went perfect. We had final alignment on our engines yesterday morning to make sure the boat was settled to its resting attitude with fuel in our tanks and water in our slammers. The final hook ups on engines are just about complete and we will be doing sea trials soon. We had our 5 year USCG top side inspection yesterday morning and it went amazingly smooth. Our final USCG inspections before operation will take place during sea trials. Our crew has worked long hours and sacrificed to get our boat were it is now. We have redesigned and fixed almost every vital system in our engine room. The new engines look sexy and I am super excited for sea trials. In a lot of regards, we will have a new boat when this retrofit is complete. We are almost there. I will have final pictures of this project up on our sight next week. This has been a very detailed, complex, difficult, much needed set of improvements that will make our boat that much better. Thank you for checking in, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team

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