Fish Report for 6-8-2018


John Collins

Just got off the phone and Jeff reported they had excellent fishing on 25-35# Bluefin Tuna this morning. They only had until noon to fish and made the most of it. Lots of schools around with some biting and some not. Just keep going from school to school until you find the one that wants to bite. Sounds like were in for some excellent Tuna fishing in the trips ahead.

The Independence will dock at 0530 Saturday morning. Judy will start sign in around 0600. Be sure to bring your passport with you when you come up to sign in.

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Just got off the phone with Jeff and he reported another great day of quality Yellowtail fishing. He said they have their limits and are heading up the line to try for some more Bluefin Tuna before calling it a trip. He will give a call to the office tomorrow evening for a wrap up of the days events and an ETA for Saturday. Weather is great and needless to say the folks are in excellent spirits. ...... Read More

Just talked to Jeff and here's what's going on. The weather is as good as it gets and the fishing is even better. The guys were yanking and cranking on beautiful grade 18-35 lb Alijos Rocks Yellowtail throughout the day. At different times of the day they would connect with some of the larger models 40-50 pounders. Several of the guys would get their personal best. They will try for some bait tonight and give it another shot tomorrow. Jeff said...... Read More