Fish Report for 4-19-2018

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello RP Followers

This is the last entry as your Ghost Writer, I hope you enjoyed the change of pace. We had a great trip despite times of tough fishing due to the consistency of inconsistent tuna behavior. Every day was different with this morning being another example. During the trip, a few of us were up super early every morning trying to get an early morning bite going. We had no success until the last day.

I had all but given up hope as I hit the snooze button multiple times and didn’t hit the deck until 3:30am. Only Brandon and Fernando (2 rookies) were on deck with all of our veterans dreaming of giant yellowfin. In the water was a large school of sharks that seemed ready to pounce. We each tried different things and hooked 2 sharks, but Fernando hooked a large tuna on a sinker rigged puffer. Since it was our last morning, we woke up the boat. As people started arriving at the rail, a few more tuna were hooked and landed until it became straight sharks. Just then Harry hooked a fish on a PL8 and we all switched over hooking and landing more and more of the perfect RSW grade yellowfin tuna between 110-150lbs. It was a great way to end the day and the trip!

On the trip home, we stopped for our annual crew challenge. This year the crew took on the Nacho Libre wrestling masks and capes. Due to last year’s walk of shame, the crew asked that no food products be used this year (ie mustard, ketchup, syrup, chocolate syrup, etc), so reluctantly, we kept it to water balloons and deck hoses. Well much to my surprise, I walked out as the crew had brought bottle’s of mustard, ketchup, maple and chocolate syrup and as I walked out was attacked by the crew with all the condiments. Not exactly the way it was supposed to go. What was to be an organized event turned into Wrestlemania. Suffice it to say, it was absolutely hilarious!

We had great wahoo and at times very good tuna fishing, but most of all fun fun times! The group would like to thank Roy and the crew for all of their hard work. Thanks to Mark and Corey for the extra 5-10lbs most are returning home with them. Thanks to Bill for being a great chartermaster, and to the passengers for fishing hard and having fun. I would much rather have friends that fish then fisherman friends. With that, Ghostwriter out (virtual Mic drop)…

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