Fish Report for 4-11-2018

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello RP Friends,

Conditions continue to improve at the Bank. We started the day with Bill “Good as” Golder landing the trip’s largest so far at 218lbs.

We had 2 more over 200 starting with John “The Best Fisherman on the Planet” Yamate landing one just shy of Bill’s mark at 217.6lbs (he claims the .4lb margin is due to blood loss at capture).

Jeffy “Mayo” Shapiro had a great day scoring the tri-fecta and landing a 204lber after battling a 300+lb blue marlin. The story of the third and most valuable part of the trifecta will be told below.

Well, where do I start? Let me introduce you to my friend Dr Gary Edwards (nicest human being on the planet) who is a world famous OBGYN and takes amazing care of his hands. I’m told he has manicures every other week and moisturizes regularly to keep them soft and supple. Unfortunately, his daily routine of expending a bottle of Nivea on those precious digits comes at the cost of slightly lowered rod security. Case in point, I’ve put in my share of fishing days and have on rare occasion seen a rod dropped in the ocean, but not 2 and wait for it (especially Jimmy Lew)… Never, never ever 3 of them! Here’s the short version of the story.

Doctor Butterfingers attempted donation to Hurricane Bank today was a tricked out high speed 50T modified by Cal Sheets along with a custom wrapped Calstar 770xxh. After his morning hour long ritual of pumas stone, nail files and Nivea, Dr Gary came out with that gleam in his eye of a nice long cast of his PL68 to the hungry Yellowfin tuna lurking in the deep. Gary looked behind him to make sure no one was behind then picked his spot in the ocean a distance away, reared back and let it fly. Form was perfect and the release was timed perfectly, the only issue was that along with the lure went the rod and reel. The 1000 dollar piece of hardware went to join his fallen comrades at Hurricane Bank.

Yes, miracles do happen! As the rod and reel hit the 60 fathom mark, our friend Mr. Tangles (Jeff “Mayo” Shapiro) used his skills and tangled up Gary’s rod and brought it to the surface we started winding up the spectra and Gary learned from previous multiple drops to tie a good knot and yes, it held!

The shout outs… John Yamate sends love to Cindy, Jeff & Jen. Bill sends virtual hugs to Kennedy, Hunter, River & Indy. Jeffy says hey to Ellen, Lee, Morgan, Riley, Nicolette & Bindy (he got extra for the trifecta). Dr Butterfingers says hi to Jimmy, Dan & Michelle

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