Fish Report for 6-28-2008

They Caught Everything

Bill Roecker

Jack Bair says his name the same was as Charlie Bear. Charlie was chartermaster of the Spirit of Adventure three-day trip that arrived June 28. Jack Bair won second place for a 27-pound yellowtail, but he also caught a 33-pound opah and a 34-pound halibut, either of which would have won the jackpot had they been eligible by boat rules.

Brian Evans skippered the trip to San Martin Island on the Bear Tackle adventure.

John Bentfield of Banning won first place for his 27.9-pound yellowtail. He said he got it with a sardine on a 1/0 Flyliner hook, 25-pound Big Game line, a Daiwa 30 reel and a Calstar 610 rod.

Jim Imhiorski wasn't available for an interview, but he won third place for a 23.3-pound yellowtail.