Fish Report for 3-6-2018


Tim Ekstrom

What a beautiful ride north in gentle seas and light winds. Chewing up miles as time rolled by everyone enjoyed some down time after eight days of hard fishing. In the end we produced enough throughout the voyage to deem it a success. One at a time, with a few decent shots and one big morning, added up in the RSW tanks. We’re grateful for it. No easy task each angler on this voyage contributed to the overall success in many ways.

I have to comment on the superior disposition of every individual on board. In the face of challenging fishing, especially prolonged challenging fishing, nothing has a more deleterious effect on morale than griping or sad sacking about. There was none of that here. In fact the exact opposite occurred. Remaining upbeat and positive from beginning ’til end this group of anglers embraced the time outdoors in a spectacular setting, worked at their craft, and enjoyed the experience among like minded friends old and new. It’s a real testament to character, and inspires me to share the example as a template for all to follow. Fishing is rife with up’s and down’s; might as well make the most of it either way.

Speaking of making the most of it long time Royal Star veteran’s and friend’s Eddy Sisom and Jonny Harrington worked together on the last big fish of the voyage that sadly ended up “corn cobbed” but made for a worthy photo regardless. This big bastard was brutalized by a hoard of six footers that nine times out of ten typically leave the bigger tuna alone. Not this time. Oh well. The agony of defeat only serves to make victory that much sweeter next time.

Special mention goes out to Eddy this voyage who was on fire hooking fish many of which he handed to anglers kick starting their catching for the day or trip. It’s a special brand of character that elicits pure respect and admiration on our part. Thank you Eddy for setting such a worthy example. Special mention is also in order for Jonny who stepped in and resolved a configuration issue with our computer that is the sole reason we were able to share the daily narrative during this voyage. Thank you for your expertise Jonny, and your always positive disposition onboard.

Captain Brian “Gerbie” Sims is slated to take her up the line after this worthy group of anglers disembarks in Cabo San Lucas tomorrow. Many will decompress for a couple of extra days in the southern climes before heading north to meet the boat Saturday morning; a fine idea to be sure. We’ll keep the narrative up to date with photos and an ETA for Saturday.

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