Fish Report for 3-2-2018


Tim Ekstrom

Not the day we were looking for, not at all. One silver lining at 226 made the dream reality for first time Royal Star angler Curtis Lambert. We are mighty thankful for it. Otherwise a couple of quick heartbreaks on what appeared to be big ones was the grand total for the day. Very tough, very challenging, very trying – fishing in living color.

Nothing to be done here other than keep working through the down side of the cycle. And that we will. Time’s not up, good weather is set to return, and we’ve an abundance of bait ready to use when we find something to clobber. Though we are far from down and out our demeanor at this point is far from charitable. Whatever we line up in our sights is certain to receive free RSW passage to San Diego.

Today’s image captures a great moment for Curtis with his beautiful, trip making trophy yellowfin. The fact that this fish was so hard earned made the accomplishment that much greater. Curtis has been putting in huge effort at the rail working toward this exact result. To see it pay dividends is the most that we can ask for. Congratulations on a job well done!

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