Fish Report for 2-28-2018

Slow go

Tim Ekstrom

Not the big start to the day this round, or the strong finish. The wind was up and blowing; the current was opposite; the seas were confused; the fishing was off – end of story. We scratched up enough to maintain interest among the hardcore element but it took uncommon dedication to the cause. Yet another snub representing the fickle nature of the southern zones this season one has little choice other than to settle in and try again. Change being the one thing that we can count on fuels the fire of optimism. It only takes one.

That one did manifest for Royal Star veteran Martin Lenzberg. All the way from Denmark Martin and his good friend Nils Christian have caught the giant tuna bug. Superb anglers that have adapted to this style of fishing with ease Martin has been posting an impressive performance with “team Denmark” schooling team USA three days running. The crowning moment thus far was Martin’s beautiful 258 that lit up everyone’s face in a huge smile when the beast was hauled aboard. A better recipient of this fortune cannot be found!

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