Fish Report for 2-27-2018


Tim Ekstrom

For the first time in a long while we felt like we were fishing for real today. Or perhaps better said the fishing itself lived up to our standards. A bona fide morning hit on the big baits got the blood flowing as the boys and I shifted into high gear while our anglers reefed and pulled on 120 – 150 pound yellowfin for the better part of an hour. Following the morning rush we settled into the day with a feeling of confidence that has been tough to come by down here during our last couple of runs. Such is fishing. Now that we shook the monkey off our back we’ll see if we can’t keep the ball rolling. Rife with obstacles we’re not quite ready to count the chickens yet. But we do have something to work with.

An advancing front is certain to bring a change in the weather that will test our footing for at least a day or two. But as long as the fishing holds up we’ll pay it no mind. Today’s photo features first time Royal Star angler but no stranger to fishing Terry Watkins with the first deuce of the voyage weighing in 208.

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