Fish Report for 2-14-2018

The Legend

Tim Ekstrom

An appropriate ending as the tested mariners worked up the line in fine sea conditions. To close out the voyage we take pause in recognition of the “Legend”, himself a time tested mariner, and feature the first of many hard won awards that honor Gerry Kruse and his decades of fishing accomplishments. Though far more is worthy of the man and his history Las Rocas charter master Glenn Evans rightly assures that “The Legend” will shine through this annual award that will grace all future Las Rocas adventures.

Huge thanks are extended to Tom Nordstrom who contributed to the idea by designing and building this coveted trophy. Ironically, after all spent so many hours at the rail working toward the goal of landing a jumbo during this voyage, it was Tom himself that landed the biggest yellowfin of the trip in the eleventh hour. Earning his spot on the new Las Rocas “List of Legends” a better individual to carry the distinction throughout 2018 can not be found. Look for reports and a few voyage photos from Capt Brian “Gerbie” Sims to grace the daily narrative on the way up the coast. The boat is currently scheduled to arrive in San Diego early Sunday morning.


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