Fish Report for 2-11-2018


Tim Ekstrom

On the move again following a morning that featured plenty of the same. A few more chances, one of which resulted in a 215 for the man himself Jack West, but paltry results aside from that; paltry perhaps being too generous a description. However I choose to doll up the facts in script there is no escaping the obvious - fishing is tough, really tough, out on the grounds. As good as those zones can be, legendary by any standard, they can be equally difficult. Fortunately for all of us those difficult occasions are few and far between. But they do come with the territory and provide a stark reminder of our place in grand scheme.

It’s not over yet. The boys have a couple more days to right the ship so do not count them out. Miracles saves do happen. And, at the risk of abusing an old cliche, “it only takes one”. Photo today features another beauty from the archives. Enjoy

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