Fish Report for 2-9-2018

Travel Day

Bill Cavanaugh

Hi Gang,

We are currently traveling North in moderate seas and light winds. One of the many awesome aspects of doing one of these long trips is the camaraderie and the friendships that are made.  I just had coffee in the galley with Ron Huth, John Bradford, Larry Higashi, Tony Garza, Dan Bliss, amd Todd White as the sun came up. It felt like a bunch of old friends friends talking shop in someones living room. One very important part of fishing for big tuna is to always be prepared. On the morning of our last fishing day we had an opportunity on some big fish. We hooked 3 fish at first light, landed 2 that were well over 200#'s and lost the third fish that spooled a 30 sized reel. Shortly after we hooked those fish, our current changed ever so slightly and we never hooked another fish. We only had 5 or 6 lines in the water during our short window of opportunity. Just a first hand example of the importance of always being prepared and ready, especially at first light. Last nights dinner was fresh panko crusted wahoo over rice with a white wine verblanc that was spectacular. We have a good weather forecast for the remaining part of our journey North. Life is good. Thanks for checking in, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team

The Intrepid runs long-range trips from Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego, CA. If you would like to join us on a fishing trip please call Steve Hoffman at (619) 224-4088 or BOOK ONLINE.

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