Fish Report for 2-7-2018

Worthy sign

Tim Ekstrom

Sounds like the boys got off to a decent start boating 14 quality yellowfin on day one with a couple of shots at real deal jumbos they couldn’t make good on. Maybe tomorrow. In excellent weather they are now well acquainted with the lay of the land confident that they have plenty of sign to work with. No imposing weather or obstacles on the near or far horizon have the boys in high spirits ready to settle in for the week and get down to business.


On an admin note I want to assure everyone that the communication challenges the entire long range fleet is dealing with are a result of our service provider - not our equipment. Needless to say it is very inconvenient and has done significant harm to our ability to share and promote the onboard excitement with our Royal Star following. It is being dealt with to the best of our ability. Not without much frustration, and investment, we are still operating in a new “void” created by an “upgrade” in equipment and technology. Without sniping, or going any further into the weeds, rest assured that we are doing everything possible to correct the problems we are all experiencing.


I will keep the daily narrative current via relay from Capt. Sims throughout the week. Look for tomorrow’s report and all the details. Photo today features an image pulled from the Royal Star archives. This is a very cool perspective of a tuna nearing the end that very few individuals ever see. When they come up like this the boys wielding the gaffs can rest assured that they are about to be taken for a ride. This powder blue devil is coming in hot!


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