Fish Report for 2-4-2018

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;

Well we were back in time once again. With our WiFi problems, it’s hard to talk about the last two weeks. We arrived to our destination in the early morning, and it didn’t take long for us to get busy, but it slowed down just as fast as we started. For the next three days, it was very tough fishing. The fish we did catch were all good. With a slow pick for most of the first week, we would pick away at 200 pound Yellowfin.

If you put your time in at the rail, you would be rewarded. We had one angler (Brian Boatman), who spent 12 to 15 hours a day at the rail, and he ended up with 4 fish over 200 pounds, a few in the 140 to 180 pound range, and a handful of 50 to 70 pound fish.

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